Have you ever seen a sexy hotel booking engine?
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Meet Simple Booking, the reservation system that makes hotel bookings as sexy as never before. Its front office is elegant and seducing. Its features are smart and flexible. Its results are absolutely unique. Get the chance to discover Simple Booking at WTM London, 06-08 November 2017, Stand TT328

Booking Engine

You know that the official website and the booking engine you choose are like a dress for your brand. You need something that really fits it. Whatever your property is, we have your dress, because Simple Booking is one-of-a-kind while covering every distribution scenario.

Channel manager

Distribution on tons of channels can drive you crazy, but Simple Booking makes you manage all the distribution system with a single click: set the rates all at once on OLTAs, GDS, IDS, wholesalers, mobile apps, major metasearches and even social networks. Stop worrying about rates, visibility and rate parity!

Rate Match

Studies have shown that comparing prices can persuade users to book faster. The Rate Match is a smart widget that will come out automatically during your clients’ booking process in order to show them that you offer the best rate guarantee and that they can book safely without checking other websites.

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