Simple is

Simple Booking is a different booking engine suite that will make your hotel life as cloudless as never before. We don’t simply want to boost your online direct bookings. We want to change your life. Sit down, relax and grow!

Europe's Leading
Hotel Booking
Solutions Provider
The only one in Italy
to be appointed
for 6 consecutive years
Value drives more value
Choose to boost reservations by giving more value to your hotel. An intuitive booking engine is more efficient because an easier user experience is more likely to turn into conversion
Central Distribution System
As any smart grid Simple Booking interacts with ALL the sales channels and systems used in your hotel. Simplify back-office work, reduce costs and free up your time to focus on your customer needs
Analyze to forecast
Turn the data into strategy: specific metrics drives you to analyze your future demand and to improve revenue management for a quick return on the purchase of the product
More than 4000 hotel are using Simple Booking
online direct bookings
reserved room nights
transactions value

Ultimate security system

Private data are as precious as gold but Simple Booking is as safe as a strongbox. We have implemented all the top worldwide security certifications, so your guests can book fast and safely and your revenues can keep growing

Maximize your revenues, simplify back-office activities, speak with all your reservation integrated systems? It’s more than simple: it’s Simple Booking

Safety first

The safety of a booking engine starts from an effective assistance. Our helpdesk supports you in the training to master all the product’s features and solves problems with interventions judged excellent in 98.7 % of cases. Our aim is to ensure a high performance product to the greatest extent possible.

Stats and forecastings

To always have the pulse of your business you have to know at all times what is happening behind the scenes of your direct reservation system. Simple Booking is integrated with the best tools of Web Analytics so to provide the ROI of online campaigns, test the performance of all e-commerce activities through custom reports and find more opportunities for your business

Retain customers even before booking

Extreme flexibility and targeting are our watchwords: know your audience to turn them more easily into customers. Provide tailor-made solutions to each one of your clients using our exclusive Book Back feature

It’s Simple!
Drop us a line to get immediately your Simple Booking free demo.
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