Stop gambling… start gaining!

Nobody likes gambling. But most of the time you have the impression that investing in hotel marketing is like gambling in Las Vegas. You risk, you put the money on the table, but you never know if you will win.

That is why we have powered Simple Booking with smart Web Analytics Reports to understand how your hotel official website is performing. No more blind investments, no more risks, no more gambling.

Discover the real ROI of your marketing campaigns; test your pricing effectiveness; find more opportunities for your business. Numbers are hoteliers’ best friends!

Don’t push your luck. Start planning.

You can gamble on casino tables, but not on your future. Simple Booking will give you all the metrics you need to have an edge on your competition.


Turn data into actionable strategy

Numbers alone do not really make sense, unless you can turn them into an actionable, cost effective and powerful strategy. Simple Booking Reports will help you make the right marketing decisions to increase bookings and revenues.

Analyze your disintermediation level

You do not really have a clue about what your disintermediation level is, do you? You can check it anytime on Simple Booking. Its reports show you the percentage of direct vs. intermediate bookings and enable you to improve your disintermediation strategies at your best.

Discover what really works

Offers, discounts, revenue management strategies. You test many different rates but you can never know what your clients appreciate more. Simple Booking stats show you in a click what rates and offers drive more bookings. So you always know what works and what does not.

It’s Simple!
Drop us a line to get immediately your Simple Booking free demo.
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