Do you want to know a secret?

You say you want a channel manager. Do you want to know a secret? You do not need one, because soon they will be gone, just like dinosaurs in the Ice Age. The good news is that a new generation channel manager is already here.

No more Excel files or worksheets. To make your work easier, smoother and faster, we have replaced the old style channel manager with Simple Booking iRev: a fast, secure and powerful distribution software.

Update hotel room rates and availability on your PMS or booking engine and iRev will automatically do it on all your channels, as fast and flawlessly as only Usain Bolt could do… Goodbye dinosaurs. Welcome Usain!

The Ice Age is over.
Enjoy the sun while gaining

Your hotel will be in good hands because Simple Booking Channel Manager will do all the hard work while you spend quality time on a sandy beach.


Get the power

Online room distribution can be stressful: how to keep track of all that channels all at once?
Be ready to get back all the power over your hotel inventory. Set the rates, set the availability and that’s all. Maximize booking and revenues across every single channel with a single click!

Try on-click distribution

Distribution on tons of channels can drive you crazy, but iRev Channel Manager makes you manage all the distribution system with a single click: set the rates all at once on OLTAs, GDS, IDS, wholesalers, mobile apps, major metasearches and even social networks. Stop worrying about rates, visibility and rate parity!

Say no to overbooking

No more quarreling guests furious because your hotel is full. Simple Booking iRev will check that your room inventory is synchronized on all channels. Every time your booking engine gets a reservation, its 2-way XML technology updates availability on all the other channels and reverse. Finally you can have a sigh of relief!

It’s Simple!
Drop us a line to get immediately your Simple Booking free demo.
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