Level the playing field

Do you know why people leave your hotel’s booking engine? They assume the price is cheaper elsewhere. And this “elsewhere” is already taking a lot of money from you every month.

Rate Match by Simple Booking will give you everything you need to tip the balance in your favor: it compares prices between you and the OTAs in real time, showing them directly to your potential customers, and automatically match the lower price to guarantee the best rate in your website.

Clients will love it. You will love it too, when you’ll see your direct bookings grow by double-digits!

Let’s cut the competition
and boost your direct bookings

Rate Match is your equalizer, balancing the prices to create the perfect harmony between you and the OTAs. Your direct sales will sound like music to your ears


True Rate Technology

We know you always want the best for your hotel and your guests. So stop looking around: Simple Booking is the only hotel booking engine featuring the exclusive True Rate Technology, the best and most powerful technology that matches the lower prices real time.

Real Time Price Intelligence

Studies have shown that comparing prices can persuade users to book faster. The Real Time Price Intelligence is a smart widget that will come out automatically during your clients’ booking process in order to show them that you offer the best rate guarantee and that they can book safely without checking other websites.

Dynamic Rate Match

Everyday lots of hoteliers do not have rate parity and they do not even realize it. Probably you do as well. Simple Booking Dynamic Rate Match will prevent you from losing rate parity and bookings, because – even if your room rates are higher than the ones on third party sites – it will adjust them in real time and you always will show the best rate. Guaranteed!

It’s Simple!
Drop us a line to get immediately your Simple Booking free demo.
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