All the channels you will need

More than 100 sales partners await you. They are divided by channel typology. Included are OTA, GDS, wholesalers, TO or the apps popular at the moment. We possess the right instruments that permit you to communicate in the best manner.

Bye-bye, overbooking.
Welcome yield management.

Sell to the right client, at the right time and at the right rate. Maximize your revenue and minimize overbooking risks.

With our dual XML technology, you can recuperate bookings and automatically update availability. Our software will happily obey the yield management rules and regulations that you have programmed.

There's more: With our advanced segmentation of offers, you can propose, with just a few clicks, what you exactly want and those you want to target.

We’re always
at your beck and call.

If something doesn’t work, tell us immediately.

We are always in contact with you with Real Time notifications and continuous updates. You don’t have to worry about errors. We normally make double checks to guarantee the efficiency of your system.

It will be hard for you to forget us!

A global presence – now!

You can enter the most refined bookings systems in the world. They are used by 600.000 tourist agencies in more than 190 countries. Contact us and enter this marvelous booking world.

Integrate into your online distribution the Global Distribution System and ODD Pegasus. You will be in complete compatibility with such specific marketing instruments as Lanyon.

If you are overwhelmed by the complexity of all this, please don’t worry. We will furnish you with a detailed orientation and then a professional, on-going support.

It’s Simple!
Drop us a line to get immediately your Simple Booking free demo.
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