Great for your clients.
Better for you.

First impressions are lasting. This is why we want your image to be perfect.

Simple Booking boasts a front end that is elegant, modern, persuasive, pleasing to look at and comfortable to use whenever you click your way to seek information. Our interface is fluid and responds quickly.

And after your client has been dazzled by its beauty, he or she can enjoy receiving feed back in Real Time. Multi-language and highly-valued support. Our system is absolutely secure and offers social integration so that access to TWITTER and FACEBOOK is easily available. Also, a booking can be simply shared with family members and friends.

Show your offers to everyone.
Or, exhibit them individually to whomever you wish.

Don’t just simply run off your offers. Dominate them.

With Simple Booking you can create multiple listings that are dynamic. You can create special rates for meta-searches and simply manage any restrictions.

There's more: With our advanced segmentation of offers, you can propose, with just a few clicks, what you exactly want and those you want to target.

Simple Booking loves to speak to your systems.

Simple Booking perfectly integrates with all of your systems:
the best PMS, CRM, RMS and Channel Manager are already compatible.
Better said, they are already friends!

If you wish to know more about our list of up-to-date compatible elements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

No device will ever
constrain you.

Simple Booking is not only alert to visual “cosmetics.” It is also aware of content. Offers and special packages can be changed for each and every device and for every channel.

If your website is not optimized for cellphones, you need not worry. Simple Booking can automatically furnish you with a Mobile Site completely integrated. In this way, you will not lose even one direct booking.

Pamper your client. Always.

Your clients are also your guests.
And guests must be spoiled if you want them to return and recommend you to their family members and friends.

Simple Booking helps you make your guests feel that they are at the center of your attention – with friendly, courteous mailing and the integration of rapid recommendations from Tripadvisor.
With special, reserved offers for your most loyal clients or with your mailing list, you can communicate with them all whenever you wish.

Off becomes On…

With the Book Back function, your offline bookings automatically become online with just a few, easy steps.
Enter data in Simple Booking then proceed to contact the client.
You can close the transaction with just one click confirming your exclusive agreed-upon terms.

We’re talking about business.

Simple Booking also loves to handle your “suit and tie” clients.
Your B2B section allows you to work with simplicity
and precision when dealing with incoming corporate members, agency personnel and tour operators.

Independent or Chain Hotel? No Problem!

Thanks to the Chains interface and the combined management of more than one structure, Simple Booking can help you.
It can manage an independent structure or a hotel chain with ease. It makes no difference.
It will do it all for you leaving you with more time on your hands.

How will you be reimbursed?

Simple Booking allows you to control your own method of booking. It adapts it to the specific needs of your clients.

Whether it be guaranteed payment, bank transfer or through gateway banking operation, once you have configured what you want you will not have to think anymore about it.

Socialize online – willingly.

FACEBOOK is perfectly integrated with Simple Booking. You and your clients can share directly in the public domain.

But this is not all. Do you have an offer ready to share with the world? All you need is one key on your keyboard to directly upload that unique offer to your FACEBOOK page from Back Office.

Simple Booking is just simple!

All you need are a few minutes to integrate Simple Booking with your website and just one click to render it operative. What could be easier?

Sit down! Relax! Start to earn!

It’s Simple!
Drop us a line to get immediately your Simple Booking free demo.
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